Three companies from West Flanders in Belgium (Moderna, Avasco Solar, Dezeure) are rewarded for their innovation endeavours

IEPER – The Flemish Minister for the Economy, Hilde Crevits, has promised support to three companies from West Flanders for their innovative projects. The companies concerned are Moderna Products in Izegem, Avasco Solar in Ieper and Dezeure in Veurne. These companies are themselves investing almost 33 million euros and are creating more jobs. Flanders is granting a total of 1.8 million euros to these three companies combined.

Avasco Solar is a relatively young company and is a spin-off of Avasco Industries in Diksmuide. The company will be designing and manufacturing installation frames at its new plant in Ieper for the installation of solar panels on flat roofs or low-pitch roofs. The system is equipped with a Click&Fit system to guarantee fast installation. The frames are made from easily recyclable steel.

Avasco Solar is itself investing no less than 7.7 million euros in the new plant based in Ieper. The funds will be spent on new machinery to automate the manufacturing process and on a competency centre to enable external installers to attend demonstration sessions. The company is expecting to grow its workforce from 11 to 30 employees and is paying extra attention to attracting and training people from more deprived sections of the population. The aim is to also grow the company abroad, starting with our neighbouring countries.