Types of

To protect the roof covering, there are three different types of base unit: a protective rubber pad, PP foot or concrete foot.

Achieving optimum support for your project will depend on the position, the slope of the roof, the type of roof covering, etc.

We can always help you to select the most suitable type for your particular installation. 

Protective rubber pads

The base units are fitted with protective rubber pads as standard.

The pads are 15mm thick, they ensure good drainage and they also provide good protection for the roof covering.

For PVC roofs, the protective rubber pads always include an aluminium substrate.

PP feet

By incorporating PP feet, the installation will be slightly raised from the roof surface. This helps to further improve the drainage and also compensates for any minor unevenness of the roof surface.

This also reduces the point loads on the roof given that the weight of the installation will be distributed over a wider surface area.

If PP feet are used, there is the possibility, upon request, of including an extra protective rubber pad to provide extra protection for the roof covering.

Concrete feet

Avasco concrete feet are extremely suitable for gravel roofs as the gravel only needs to be removed in few places. The frames are supported by and are secured to the concrete feet so the work can be performed above the layer of gravel.

Given that the structure is secured to the concrete feet, the latter therefore also form part of the necessary ballast for your installation. This therefore reduces the number of normal ballast tiles required.

To give the roof covering extra protection, the concrete feet are always fitted onto a protective rubber pad.


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