Avasco Solar Steel Deck Solution

We also offer an extensive range of structures for flat and low-pitch steel deck roofs.

Here we use aluminium extrusion profiles combined with Avasco Solar steel deck brackets and waterproofed screws.


Floor-mounted Configuration on Concrete Feet

On a site in the Netherlands, we installed SolarSpeed on concrete feet as part of a floor-mounted configuration.


SolarSpeed Fitted onto an Existing Structure

On this roof, which is fitted with steel profiles, we looked for a solution to secure our SolarSpeed east-west base units to the existing frame. By producing specially designed brackets, the base units could be secured to the profiles, and this also avoided the need for extra ballast.


SolarSpeed with a 5° Slope

For industrial projects SolarSpeed can also be supplied with a bespoke angle of slope. In this particular case, the customer wanted to install the panels at an angle of less than 5°. We therefore designed a completely new base unit with matching back plates.