Avasco Solar Benefits

Fast Installation

The use of pre-assembled base units not only enables us to restrict the number of loose components on the roof, but it also considerably speeds up the installation.


Thanks to our high-tech fleet of machinery, we can offer our customers a wide range of structures (south or east-west / landscape or portrait) and different spacing dimensions.
Our ‘Bespoke Systems’ Department also develops special ‘customised’ projects.

Magnelis* Steel

Magnelis* steel boasts a unique metal coating that ensures long-term corrosion resistance. In addition, this steel also has self-healing properties and is much stronger than aluminium.
*Magnelis or equivalent alternative.

Excellent Electrical Conductivity

The interlinked base units create a mechanical connection which maximises the voltage tap of the entire installation. This also simplifies the earthing process of the installation.

Solution for Any Roof

Besides offering solutions for standard flat roofs, Avasco Solar also offers solutions for steel deck roofs.
Our Bespoke Systems department also enables us to offer solutions for more challenging projects (e.g. roofs only permitting limited point loads, span dimensions, etc.).

Solution for Any Panel

Avasco Solar offers suitable frames for all panel dimensions (60 or 72 cells).

Tienen – South configuration

SolarSpeed south configuration in Tienen:

  • Total Power: 163Kwp
  • Qty of Solar Panels: 480
  • Annual yield: 152.18 MWh


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