Our Strengths

100% Made in Belgium

SolarSpeed is manufactured from start to finish at our manufacturing plant in Vlamertinge. This means that we have full quality control over our products throughout the entire manufacturing process. This local and in-house manufacturing also ensures that we can respond extremely flexibly to any change in market requirements. The standards which we monitor closely in this process are those of our quality management system ISO 9001.

On-site Delivery

We hold a large stock of installation frames in our warehouse. As a result we can continue to guarantee short delivery deadlines, even for your industrial projects. If necessary, we can supply the materials directly to site both at home and abroad.

Tested and Approved

When designing our installation frames, we always take the latest standards and directives into account. Our products also undergo stringent testing in a series of wind tunnels, and those results are then factored into our calculations. This means that we can back up the design of your project with a full technical case file.

Our Team

What we stand for.

Our core values are Quality, Creativity and Flexibility. We all have a passion for sheet metal working and green energy, and every day the Avasco Solar team does its utmost to come up with high-quality and creative solutions for our customers. We have years of experience and we can also rely on a highly diverse fleet of machinery. We can respond extremely flexibly to the market demand and our customers’ requirements. This is how we at Avasco Solar aim to make a difference.

Interested in our products? Then don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to working for you! 


Avasco Solar

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